• Short-Term Home Health Care

    When you’ve been injured or a hospital stay requires lengthy recovery, wouldn’t you want to be as comfortable as possible? With short-term home health care plans, you can get coverage for home care and assisted living services related to injury, illness and recovery.

    While medical care innovations have decreased recovery times, patients still need various forms of care to help the recovery process. However, many times, it’s neither comfortable nor helpful for the patient to be confined to a hospital room or nursing facility. With short-term home health care insurance, you can receive the care you need at your own home. Benefits of these plans include:

    • You get to recover in the comfort of your own home.
    • Benefits are paid directly to you.
    • Benefits help insurance cover deductibles and co-pays.
    • No prior hospital stay is required to collect benefits.
    • Helps pay out-of-pocket expenses.
    • Benefits can be combined with hospital insurance and other coverage to increase effectiveness.

    After an injury or major illness, you don’t need to be stressed by your surroundings. Give yourself the best shot at a successful recovery with short-term home health care insurance that helps bring the care you need right to your front door!