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    We give you the peace of mind you’re after, knowing that all your insurance goals have been achieved.

    medicare supplements st. louis missouri

    We have the products and the expertise to help you make the most informed decisions for all of your healthcare needs.

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    Our dedicated agents specialize in finding the best options for YOU. Call us today for a free consultation.

  • Local insurance agents serving the needs of St. Louis Metro Area residents

  • Senior Health

    senior health st. louis missouri

    From Medicare health programs to life insurance and more, we provide seniors with the policy options they need to stay healthy and protected, helping you maximize the late stages of life.

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  • Medicare Health Programs

    provided medicare suppliments st. louis mo

    With Medicare health program insurance, you can stay covered no matter the situation your in. Ask about medicare extension plans to see what kind of medical expenses your medicare may be missing.

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  • Short-Term Home Health

    short term home health st. louis mo

    Recover in comfort with short-term home health insurance that covers home care and assisted living services that help make life easier when taking care of yourself is hard.

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  • Dental & Vision

    dental vision st. louis mo

    Medicare doesn’t cover most dental and vision, which means you’ll lack the insurance needed to get necessary exams and procedures. Call to fill those gaps with dental and vision insurance.

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  • Medicare Prescription

    medicare perscription st. louis missouri

    Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage to help you get the medications you need to maintain your health for years to come. Get covered today.

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  • Final Expense

    final expense st. louis mo

    Help ease the financial burden that death can put on a family with final expense insurance that helps cover burial expenses, funeral services and other related end-of-life costs.

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  • Life Insurance

    life insurance st. louis missouri

    Use life insurance policies to provide a death benefit to your family, increase your income and more. Talk to our agents about how life insurance can increase financial stability.

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  • Medicare Advantage Plans

    medicare advantage plan st. louis mo

    Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans cover all the things that traditional Medicare covers and includes prescription drug coverage as well as dental and vision insurance.

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  • Hospital Indemnity Plans

    hospital indemnity plan st. louis missouri

    Hospital stays can bring high bills and even financial ruin. Hospital indemnity plans help offset the high cost of care in the event you have a hospital stay.

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  • Cancer Plans

    cancer plan st. louis missouri

    Cancer strikes 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women. We offer coverage that, in the event you get some form of cancer, pays you directly to help with cancer expenses.

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  • Homeowners’ Insurance

    home owners insurance st. louis mo

    Protect your home with homeowners’ coverage that protects against weather, fire, theft and much more. Ask our agents about the options you need to keep yourself safe.

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  • Automobile Insurance

    auto insurance st. louis mo

    Stay safe on the roads with auto coverage such as liability, collision, uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists and other coverage options that suit your needs.

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  • About Bi-State Insurance Solutions

  • Bi-State Insurance Solutions is the brainchild of three men who sought to provide local clients with better options for health insurance. While working in the St. Louis area, Robert Anderson, Jeremy Frost & Jarrod Frost grew tired of watching, only being able to offer an option for health coverage, which made it difficult to do what was best for their client.

    Our agency takes pride in providing clients with the essential coverage they need to stay healthy. However, health coverage isn’t just all about health insurance and our agents understand that there are many insurance products that help ease the burden of aging. With an expanded portfolio of products, we’re able to offer options that help cover medical care, hospital visits, and even funeral expenses. Available products include:

    • Medicare Health Programs
    • Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
    • Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)
    • Life Insurance
    • Final Expense Insurance
    • First-Diagnosis Cancer Plans
    • Hospital Indemnity Plans
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Homeowners’ Insurance
    • Automobile Insurance
  • Meet Our Team

  • Robert Anderson – Owner
    Cell Phone: (314) 941-3306

    Robert Anderson has been in the financial services industry for over 32 years, helping people take care of everything from auto insurance to final expense insurance. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with wife, Annie, and enjoys hanging out at the beach and visiting with his 3 children and 5 grandchildren whenever he can. With a growing family, Robert knows how vital the right policies are to helping secure the stability of a family.

  • Jeremy Frost – Owner
    Cell Phone: (314) 922-7745

    Jeremy Frost has been in the insurance business since 2010, and he enjoys helping people throughout the St. Louis area find the coverage they need to achieve peace of mind. As a husband and father, Jeremy understands the challenges faced by families in this area. That’s why he does what he does - to help families like his find the protection they need for everything life can throw at you. He and wife, Brandi, have two sons and enjoy boating in their free time.

  • Jarrod Frost – Owner
    Cell Phone: (314) 313-3152

    Jarrod Frost has been licensed and working with Seniors helping them with their needs for over 10 years.  Along with his wife Tara, Jarrod has 2 young sons Preston, and Nolan. Jarrod enjoys spending time with his family and the outdoors.

  • Brady Anderson – Agent
    Cell Phone: (217) 710-0284
    Office Phone: (618) 855-9751

  • Rich Lawson – Agent
    Phone: (618) 946-3857
    Office Phone: (618) 855-9751

  • Scott Joyce – Agent
    Cell Phone: (314) 442-9695
    Office Phone: (618) 855-9751